Policy changes: Dominaria

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Policy changes: Dominaria

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So we’re tearing out the whole Tracked Totals section and introducing a new type of communication information to go with free, derived and private: status! Status information is metadata about a player, including their life total, all the counters that are attached to them, and any continuous effects that apply to them. Those must all be physically represented, and when a change is made to any of them, it must be announced.
Energy counters + City's Blessing

Since we were building out a more comprehensive communications section, we also took the opportunity to include in-game non-verbal communication. The current rules existed to specify a coverage layout designed to minimize confusion. That was successful and we’re merging it into the Communication section and extending it to all Competitive and Professional Rules Enforcement Level matches of Magic. Now you can expect the layout of your game to match what you’re used to seeing on coverage.
Creatures in front of lands at Competitive and Professional REL.

If everything is clear and both players are acting on mutually-understood information (both active and passive), then we’re not going to worry if there’s technically a violation. You should feel free to step in and encourage people to make things clearer, though!
Не е задължително да се наказва, но ще бъдете encourage-вани да си редите нещата като нормални хора.

As the number of foil-only cards increases, the odds of similar situations arising also increases (and this update also features the rules needed to make the buy-a-box promo legal). As a result we’re extending the proxy policy to also apply to situations where the card is only available in foil. This is the only extension. Cards that have a non-foil printing cannot be proxied.
Ако имате криви фойли, които са издавани САМО като фойли, съдията може да ви issue-не proxy.

Quick Hits
  • There’s a couple of tiny tweaks to deck and decklist infractions. Judge’s discovering an error only applies during a deckcheck. The intent was never that a judge or opponent finding a card on the floor would get a penalty upgraded, so that part has been adjusted to reflect discovery of cards in the deck. The language around “about to be revealed” also got a little more explicit to explain it better.
  • With the hybrid Saturdays for limited GPs, the question came up on when penalties reset – each day, or after the cut? The decision was made to reset after a cut in a multi-day tournament.
  • Spectators aren’t allowed to pause a match at Professional REL. Coverage team members are technically spectators, but it’s a bit silly that people whose job it is to watch the game can’t ask them to pause. We’ve carved out a special exception to allow this.
  • Now that you can Bolt Jace, we don’t need a planeswalker damage redirection shortcut.
  • Block Constructed is no longer an officially supported format. If you miss Masques Block Constructed, it’s still available as a casual format.
Damage doesn't kill creatures! State-based actions kill creatures!
Goshe написа:Goblins are red, Merfolk are blue. Couldn't care less, Tendrils for 22? #mtglove
#mtgjudge написа:(2/10/2015 7:19:07 PM) Anonycat: suggest that they run a $10,000 buy in no-limit Texas Hold'em event, and do so at Gunfight REL
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